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An Horizontal Decentralised Network

free exchange program

A physical exchange between members, employes, associates of organisations belonging to the BOB.

Every member of each organisation can work at its projects for a period of 2 weeks to 2 months in another space of the BOB, for no money.

Some of the BOB organisations have a Free Guest House, most of us have an office, one Atelier and free access to all common areas, respecting others needs and uses.

In exchange for this hospitality, guests need to give back anything they believe can be helpful to the community hosting them. It doesn’t need to be agreed in advance what this should be.

Are you part of one of these communities? Feel free to contact one of the others, briefly present your project/work, explain why you believe it is a good experience for you to spend some time with them, agree on dates, and go!

Once there, open your eyes. Be patient. Be curious. give you the time to explore the community, be nice, listen and find a small thing that is needed at that moment in that communty. Offer it in exchange of their hospitality. Have fun!

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